JBEC Clean Energy Solutions offer a variety of communications services for your residential, commercial or industrial needs. Listed below are just some of the services we can provide.


SMA WebBox and Sunny Portal:

JBEC are fully trained and accredited to install and maintain Sunny WebBox and Bluetooth systems to your commercial, off grid or residential property with the integration of the SMA Sunny Portal system, which can be viewed on your PC. Alternatively, we can monitor and find the system for you using the same Sunny Portal technology.


Satellite Monitoring:

For remote areas, or areas where there is no 3G range, JBEC are fully qualified to set up remote monitoring of your Solar or battery system through satellite communications. This can be easily intergraded to your SMA inverter or battery charger through the SMA WebBox, and can then be viewed through the Sunny Portal on your PC.


SMA Weather Stations:

Want your SMA system to become a weather station? No problem: JBEC can install and commission an SMA weather station just for you. Now you can measure wind speed, ambient temperature, PV solar surface temperature and even find out when your panels are due for a clean. With a basic Internet connection all of this can be viewed through the SMA Sunny Portal, or for remote locations through satellite coverage.


CAT5 and CAT6 Data Cabling:

JBEC are licensed and experienced in the supply and installation of data cabling to your residential or commercial property. Category 5, 5e and 6 are used to set up telephone, internet and networking lines in your home or office, and no matter how big or small the job, JBEC are equipped to handle your networking needs.