Clean Energy Solutions

Solar energy has quickly become a popular way to power homes and businesses for many reasons. Not only is it the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to power your building, it is also becoming increasingly more economical and efficient, making it a beneficial choice for your home or business. JBEC Clean Energy Solutions provide solar energy systems for both residential and commercial needs, so if you are thinking of switching to solar, call us today!


Having started our work in the industrial sector of electrical and solar services, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clean energy solutions to all clients, big or small. Our commercial solar division not only offers solar energy to commercial businesses around Adelaide but also to industrial companies across South Australia.


We offer the following solar services:
• Off Grid Hybrid Stand Alone Systems
• Commercial Grid Support Solar Systems
• Commercial and Residential Solar Back Up Systems
• Commercial Grid Connect Solar Systems
• Residential Grid Connect Solar Systems
• Portable Battery Rooms


Off Grid Hybrid Stand Alone Systems:

JBEC are fully qualified and trained to provide power solutions through the use of Solar PV panels, gel batteries and generators, for both residential and commercial purposes, in a situation where the grid is not available to the end user. With the use of leading edge German technology, we can supply single or 3 phase power plants from 1KW–1MW to your home or business.


Commercial Grid Support Solar Systems:

If you need to take the load off regional and rural grids, we can provide power solutions that will provide enough support to do so. With the use of Solar PV panels, gel batteries and SMA Sunny Island technology, while still being connected to the local power grid, these systems can be applied to single or 3 phase supplies from 1KW–1MW.


Commercial and Residential Solar Backup Systems:

Most businesses, fridge plants, server rooms and residential end users of electricity can be protected from power outages by implementing SMA back inverters to their current power system. Through the use of Solar PV and gel batteries, you can be protected from power outage during the night or day. These systems can range from 1KW–1MW.


Commercial Grid Connect Solar Systems:

A major part of a business’s running costs is its electricity usage. In order to cut down on your electricity usage, JBEC can perform an onsite inspection and audit of your power usage and then tailor a system to suit your needs. Doing this can offset your electricity usage 100% and eliminate your electricity running costs. In order to achieve this, we supply and install both SMA Tripower technology and a high quality solar PV solar system. With electricity prices rising and carbon tax on the way, electricity prices will become a larger burden on any business. This commercial system will protect your business from these rising prices and be an increasingly valuable investment both now and in the years to come.


Residential Grid Connect Solar Systems:

With electricity costs on the rise, the most effective way to shield your home from this is to install a high quality grid connect solar system to offset your energy usage. JBEC will come to you in the comfort of your own home to inspect and audit your power usage, so that we are sure you are getting the right system for your residence. JBEC use only high quality German technology and componentry for all of their projects, and accredited tradesmen to install it all for you.